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Your Australian Owned & Operated Recycling Partner

Battery Recyclers own and operate battery collection and battery sorting facilities to prepare batteries for recycling

We offer a range of solutions for battery collections to reduce end-of-life batteries ending in landfill. Battery Recyclers are accredited with the Battery Stewardship Council as collectors and sorters. Battery Recyclers has been assessed and certified for the management of E-waste, AS/NZ 5377:2013 and ISO Quality Management System QMS 9001.

Battery Recycling

As battery use rises, it is crucial to keep batteries out of general waste and recycling bins. Throwing batteries into regular waste or home recycling bins poses significant harm. 

While over 95% of batteries can be recycled in Australia, only 10% are currently being recycled. This presents a tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact on our environment.

Making a difference. Safely recycle with us.

What type of batteries do we accept?

Rechargeable Batteries

Marked: Lithium-ion, Lithium, Li-ion

Found in Consumer Items, Toys

Marked: Alkaline

Nickle Cadmium
Rechargeable Batteries

Marked: Ni-Cd

Battery Recyclers Solutions

Individuals to Industries, We Have You Covered.

We offer tailored solutions for all our customers.
Whether you’re an individual, a household, an office, a retail store, or a large industry, we have the perfect solution for your battery recycling needs.

Self Service Solution


B-cycle Battery Drop-off Point
Small Volume Solution

Home / Workplace

10L/20L Bucket
Large Volume Solution


Table Set
Learn how to store and drop off batteries safely.
Tape Battery Terminals.