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Battery Sorting & Recycling

About Battery Recyclers

Battery Recyclers are an accredited B-Cycle collector and sorter of Lithium-ion, Alkaline and Ni-Cad batteries.

With six collection points and various drop off locations across NSW, Battery Recyclers make the collection of end-of-life batteries easy with a location near you. We offer a range of battery recycling solutions for all, including individuals, households, offices, schools, councils and waste management facilities.

We collect, sort and then deliver each type of battery to a specific, reputable, expert recycler.

Innovative Battery Sorting Facility

Our sorting facility has an advanced X-Ray imaging technology to identify various kinds of batteries by analysing the internal chemistry of the batteries.

Our Accreditations

Battery Stewardship Council, Management of E-Waste AS/NZ 5377:2013 and Quality ISO 9001.


Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including battery recycling solutions and battery sorting.

Battery Recycling Solutions

Our battery recycling solutions from individuals to industries.

Battery Sorting

We take pride in owning and operating battery sorting facilities.

Learn how to store and drop off batteries safely.
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